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Intimate flora

Intimate hygiene is a daily routine that ensures comfort and prevents specific inconveniences.

The external area plays a very important role in protecting the female genitalia. Indeed, it protects them from physical, chemical and bacterial irritants. Hence the importance of taking special care of this area by cleansing it with customized hygiene products that help protect the flora and keep it moist. The vaginal flora is a sensitive ecosystem, composed of Lactobacilli, the bacteria naturally present in the vagina, which prevent microbes from flourishing by creating a protective barrier for the intimate mucous membrane. This is why it is important to preserve the flora by cleansing daily with products specially formulated for the sensitive intimate mucous membranes.

Cavaillès ranges to care for the intimate area

The Rogé Cavaillès intimate formulas, which are plant-based and contain 97% naturally-sourced ingredients, cleanse and care for the intimate area. In addition, they contain prebiotics which stimulate the natural defenses for extra protection. Cavaillès intimate cleansers for daily use are available in five versions to meet women’s needs at every stage of their lives. The Mycolea + range is for occasional use, for relief from irritation and itching.